I was born in Seattle. I’ve never lived anywhere else. I’m hoping to highlight some of the places, things, and experiences that are somewhat unique to the area.

First up: The umbrella.
The fastest way to let everyone know you’re a tourist here is to carry (and use) an umbrella. The natives don’t, unless it’s monsoon season, otherwise known as November – March each year. If you spot a Seattle native using an umbrella, it’s a good idea to seek shelter as soon as possible.

Another fallacy we nurture carefully: It doesn’t rain all the time. There are multiple cities in the USA that get more rain per year than Seattle does. Those describing Seattle to others in the media use rain as a shorthand, kind of like the flying fish at Pike Place Market. The only people that actually want to go see the fish guys are tourists. We’ve seen so much footage over the years on TV dramas and sporting events, the natives are over it.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Seattle as I write this. The sky is dotted with puffy, cotton-candy-quality clouds. Don’t tell anyone.


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