Aspiring authors are always told to write about what they know. The best books are written about what they love. I love football, and I love my hometown.

Meet the Seattle Sharks, who discover the game of love is the most challenging of all. The Love and Football Series is available for presale now!

BLITZING EMILY, debuting January 7, 2014

Emily Hamilton is a rising opera diva whose career has been sidetracked by a cheating ex-boyfriend. Brandon McKenna is the aging defensive star of the Seattle Sharks football team. He has a large public relations problem.

After a misunderstanding, Emily and Brandon believe the best solution is to get engaged for thirty days. Their decision improves both their careers immediately. Even better, sparks are flying.

Will Brandon and Emily discover that the greatest career success means nothing without each other?

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RUSHING AMY, debuting February 11, 2014

Amy Hamilton is a former CPA turned flower shop owner. Matt Stephens is a former NFL star turned football analyst. Amy meets Matt after her older sister Emily’s wedding. Amy attends weddings for a living. Matt will do almost anything to avoid them.

Matt lives by a playbook – his playbook. He believes most of life’s problems are solved with money, and he has a lot of it. Amy solves her problems with hard work and ingenuity. While cash-strapped, she values her independence. She is determined her fledgling business will succeed without anyone else’s interference, especially Matt’s.

When Matt enters Amy’s life, she’s forced to choose: Love, or money?

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CATCHING CAMERON, debuting May 6, 2014

The Book To Be Named Later has a title! I’ll post more about the plot later. Right now, though, here’s a hint!

Zach Anderson thought it was over, but it’s never really over…

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4 thoughts on “Novels

  1. Read “Blitzing Emily” and really enjoyed it. Just purchased “Rushing Amy” for my kindle, can’t wait to read it!

  2. Can Catching Cameron hurry up and be released already?! I read the first two books in 3 days. No small feat for someone going to school and raising two boys while the husband is deployed. But they were wonderful books and I am so excited to find another author to put on my short list of favorites.

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