CATCHING CAMERON: On its way to a digital reader/bookseller near you May 6th!


It’s hard to believe my third book will be out in a little over a month. I submitted my copy edits to Amanda the editor on Tuesday afternoon, which means CATCHING CAMERON is officially in production! (Production: The digital version is formatted and readied to go on sale May 6th. The print version has followed about three weeks later.) I’m never quite sure what’s going to end up on my laptop screen when I sit down in the chair each morning, and this book was no exception!

Defensive tackle Zach Anderson made his appearance in RUSHING AMY, and now he’s getting his own story. He met Cameron Ondine (the woman of his dreams) in a night club in Las Vegas ten years ago. Cameron is now a popular pro football sideline reporter for Pro Sports Network. Zach and Cameron have been ignoring each other for the past ten years as the result of something that happened in Vegas. When they run into each other on a New York City sidewalk while trying to hail a cab, fireworks ensue!

Zach and Cameron can’t avoid each other (and the feelings that still linger…) when they find themselves stuck in a dorm for thirty days during the Sharks’ training camp.

Will she duct tape him to a goal post? Will he tell her he’s never forgotten about her, and he never will? Will she decide she loves Seattle’s pine-scented air and flannel more than the non-stop excitement of New York City?

We’ll all find out on May 6th!


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